For thousands of years herders have roamed the plains of Africa with their cattle. In the process herders would often encounter wildlife, including predators that often killed their cattle. As a result of this herders would hunt and kill wildlife, in particular large predators such as lions, in order to ensure safe passage for their cattle. As human and livestock populations have continued to grow across Africa, so too the populations of predators have decreased across the continent. 

Persecution of lions, coupled with the loss of habitat due to Africa's rapid human population growth has resulted in a 45% decline in Africa's lion population in the last 20 years! 

But change is afoot...

In the past decade many wildlife conservancies in East Africa have adopted a system that permits wildlife and cattle to coexist on the same land, at the same time.

In this system no lions are killed to make way for cattle!

At Urban Ranch we ONLY EVER buy cow hides from conservancies that operate the wildlife-livestock integration system described above. By doing this we directly support the protection of Africa's lion population before any products are even made! 

Unlike most of the other leather produced in Africa, we can guarantee that all of our leather is 'lion friendly!'

And lastly we donate 5% of sales from the Lion Friendly Leather Collection to Lion Landscapes - an organisation working to ensure a future for lions in Africa!

So, STOP buying leather products from Africa that have contributed to the decline in Africa's lion population and start buying LION FRIENDLY products!