We are thrilled to announce that we have been pre-selected for the Green Products Award 2022 with our Lion Friendly Story products!

Out of 1500 applicants we were one of the 300 selected for the award! 

The Green Product Award acknowledges products and services from established companies or start-ups for their excellence in sustainability, design and innovation. The Award has been making 'best practice' examples accessible to a broad public on an international level from a pool of 1500 submission entries yearly since 2013.

Lion Friendly Leather has entered the official Pre-Selection of the Green Product Award 2022 in the category Fashion.

“With the Lion Friendly Story the team of Conservation Services Limited created something special, what really earns the name Green Product, that's for sure”Nils Bader, Award Initiator.

Let's find out on December 13th, who the Nominees are. Stay tuned and check our achievement so far on the Green Product Award website: